Kids Matter Parent Survey

A message from the KidsMatter Action Team at Cardiff North PS.

We urge all our parents and carers to please complete the Parent Survey by clicking on the link:,  selecting ‘start survey’, then type in Cardiff North PS to select our school, the reporting period is the last option in the dropdown menu ‘2017: April-June’, the rest is very self explanitory. Please complete by Sunday 18th June. Thank you for your support!

Information for Parents

What is the survey about?

The survey asks parents and carers for their perspectives on their child’s school and what they think is important for schools to consider to better support children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Who should participate?

The parent and carer consultation process encourages parents to complete a short survey with items that relate directly to areas covered by the four components. An invitation to take the survey comes from the school.

What happens to the answers?

The answers provided by parents and carers are completely anonymous and are stored securely by KidsMatter and the school. Only summarised results that align to the four components are used for the purposes of informing school planning.

Thanks for your help getting KidsMatter up and running at CNPS!

Kind regards,

Chloe Lindsay

Cardiff North Public School


We are receiving “rave reviews” about the app “Seesaw” which many of our teachers are utilising as a way for parents to instantly keep up-to-date with their child’s classroom activities, and provide instant positive feedback.

As a means of communicating with parents and carers, staff are finding the app incredibly useful and feedback from parents is extremely positive.

The service is free for parents, as the school sees its value and pays the subscription fee on behalf of all our parents and carers.


Musica Viva

Yesterday, TAIKOZ an Australian, Sydney-based performance group that specializes in the art of taiko – the Japanese drums, performed at our school. The performance included traditional Japanese music and drumming styles, compositions written by contemporary Japanese composers, as well as original works by members of the ensemble.


During the holidays, following an arborculturalist report, we had some trees removed, (two of them very large), and many others trimmed as they presented an unacceptable risk to our students and personnel on site.
While we appreciate the natural beauty and benefits that our school environment presents, we are certain our community will appreciate that safety comes first. We take no risks where trees and student safety is concerned.

Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday afternoon, the students at Cardiff North helped our environment by cleaning our playground area. Prior to this members of the Green team came and showed us some videos that explained what rubbish does to our planet. We then went to our assigned areas and did our “Clean Up Australia”. We then went back and had conversations about the types of rubbish that we found.

Thank you Miss Gillard and Tamika F for organising this for us.