Paper Plane Poetry

If you had walked past the playground yesterday morning you would have seen brightly coloured flashes of fast moving objects. . loud laughter, giggling and children having a wonderful tome. Why? because yesterday , 5/6W were  asked  to form a group of 2 or 3 so that they could research paper planes and to find a pattern for a paper plane that they liked. They chose a coloured piece of paper and proceeded to make their plane. Then they went out into the playground and had FUN. 

The Fun Part
Once the paper planes were created the students headed outside to fly them. At first we started near the fixed equipment. Once the plane landed, the students needed to write a prepositional phrase describing where the plane was – in the tree, under the fixed equipment, through the hoop. They needed to have written at least 2 phrases for this area. Then we moved onto the Reading Garden. Next, we moved onto the chess board area and where there was a basketball hoop that entertained many of our budding aerialist adventurers., the canteen and lastly the quadrangle. 

We headed  back inside and used those phrases to write a prepositional phrase sentence. about the journey of our paper air planes.

Today the students wrote the poems using different prepositions to begin each line. The students needed to choose the prepositional phrases that they liked from each others work the day before to create a Flying Poem.Then they wrote synonyms for fly and the last line of their poem was Paper Planes.  
After they had drafted their poem they used Google Slides to create their published efforts for their poems.  

The students were extremely proud of their efforts. So much so that they then added them to their SeeSaw portfolio with an explanation of what they had accomplished in the 2 days.

STEM and the P&C

On Tuesday night I was invited to talk about STEM to our P&C. What I did though, was to give the P&C a STEM activity to participate in, so that they could inderstand the concept behind what a STEM project entails.

Their brief was to create a balloon tower (balloons, masking tape, rubber bands) that was free standing and over a metre tall. They nneded to plan how they would work and what their tower might look like. Once the plans were approved the building began.

1/2LM Writing

1/2LM have been working really hard on the Writing Process this term, with extra attention to publishing their work. We have been reading and writing about a variety of texts. Some of our favourite titles so far have been: ‘Where the Wild Things Are”, “The Tunnel’, ‘King Pig’ and ‘Sunday Chutney’.  We love displaying our work so we can be proud of our achievements!

PSSA Finals

“Congratulations” to our Senior Netball team who were successful for the third year running in taking out the Dunford Cup trophy last Friday.

Well done girls and of course our coaches and support staff. Also, “thank you” to all the parents who turned up to cheer on the girls in a game which was very tight in the first quarters until Cardiff North pulled away through their skill and fitness in the second half. A very professional performance!


Our Poppies

The CNPS ‘Green Team’ have sighted numerous blooms in our small poppy garden. Seeds were sowed around Anzac Day in late April. The Green Team were hoping to blooms would be ready for Remembrance Day. Although slightly early, we are all very excited to have a closer look at these significant flowers.
Students were also pleased that Miss Gillard was not tricking them all by planting a strange type of weed, as the plants are not nearly as stunning as the flowers!

Poppies at CNPS

Musica Viva

Zeeko’s performance, inspired by the natural world, proved that music is everywhere and anywhere, you just need to find it! Each environment has its own voice, each ecosystem is its own symphony. This performance uses original compositions to explore the natural environment and how different cultures interact with it. Students heard music inspired by animals like butterflies, frogs and chickens as they helped Zeeko create soundscapes of the natural environment.

Fathers’ Day Breakfast Friday 2nd September


Come along to school at 8.00am to spend some quality time with your child and have a bacon and egg roll while you are here!
“Significant males” are encouraged to join their children at school at an informal function that shows our children that schooling is everyone’s concern and both mums and dads are always welcome to join in the activities offered at the school.
Looking forward to seeing as many people here as possible.
Don’t forget to pre-order your food requirements so we can order an adequate amount. Payment is a two dollar coin donation on the morning of the breakfast.
P&C would also like to extend an invitation to any parents who can be at the BBQ to assist with cooking and serving please.