Shoe Shopping for the New Year

Are you about to go school shoe shopping? Please remember our school uniform at CNPS is plain black school shoes (not boots) with no coloured trimming or logos. Joggers can be worn with our sports uniform.

Please visit here for a very helpful article on choosing the right school shoes.

  • Good school shoes don’t have to be expensive.
  • Shoes should be flexible but supportive.
  • A good shoe should weigh about 250 grams.
  • Allow a maximum of one thumb width between the big toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Danger signs of poor shoes – your child stumbling a lot or complaining of pain.

National Tree Planting Day

IMG_7955 (640x478)

We planted our trees on Friday 29th July, at staggered times so that classes did not get into each others way. Our focus area this year was the privacy mound in front of the newly constructed dwellings at the southern edge of the school. The children certainly enjoyed it when their parents turned up to help as well.

A massive thank you to Miss Gillard and the Green Team for organising this event for us. We cant wait to see them grow.

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Chaplaincy Program: “School Buddies”

Our school has been successful in gaining a grant to be used to employ school chaplains, or as we prefer to call them, “School Buddies”, over the next three years.The School Buddies will be gradually introduced to the children over the next two weeks and will be available to assist staff and children, as well as families, in student wellbeing situations.Despite the official title, the Buddies are not to promote any religious ideals or philosophies. They are there to assist children to enjoy school and work out their personal and social problems.

The successful applicants are Roz Ewart, who will oversee our school activities, and the “Buddies” will be Shane Kennedy, who engages children through art and music, and Amy Lamotte, whom some children might already know through her work at the OOSH centre, which is also run by CALM, or “Community Activities Lake Macquarie”.

We are looking forward to having our “School Buddies” in our school, ready to assist all children and families.


Zone Swimming

Last Thursday, 13 very eager swimmers of Cardiff North Public School attended the Zone Swimming Carnival held at Speers Point Pool. It was a very hot day, and all 13 of our swimmers swam to the best of their ability. Some even got PB’s (personal bests)! We loved representing our school and felt proud especially in the junior and senior girls relay teams. Both relay teams performed well coming 2nd in each event. Sadly we didn’t have any boy relay teams. Hopefully next year.

I swam really well and was proud to make it to regional’s for all the 50 metre events held on Thursday 3rd of March, I was also very proud and extremely excited when I got 12 year Girls Champion in our zone. 

Fantastic swimmers at Cardiff North, we all did so well!

By Danieka Saxby

On Thursday, July 16th, students at Cardiff North Public School had their NAIDOC celebrations. A variety of activities were offered, including hand painting, logo design, taxidermy displays, bush tucker talks and demonstrations, and a scavanger hunt in our newly opened Bush Tucker Garden – Murabanba.


Creative Writing.

This week, one of the homework tasks for students in 5/6W was to write a creative story. They were given a visual prompt and an introduction to work on.


While going for a walk, you decide to take a different route home. You notice a large rock in the distance. Curious, you decide to explore.
“This is not a rock, it’s a cave entrance!”

One of our students would like to share with you their final product. Take it away, Evvey!

As I approached the cave entry, I hear and feel the howling wind. I feel very scared. Who knows what could be on the other side of this door, yet there was something pulling me closer.

I got to the front of the cave door and it had very small steps up to the door. I reach for the small handle, but it disappears and my hand goes straight through!
“Wow!”, I thought to myself. Not thinking, I walked through the door.

What was I thinking? Okay, I had to calm myself down. As I looked around I saw this beautiful garden and in the distance I saw some sort of village. The garden was amazing, unlike anything you have ever seen. There were these flowers that looked exactly like lollipops everywhere! The grass was the brightest and most richest, greenest that I had ever seen. I had to just lay down on it. The grass was so soft.

As I sat back up, I heard this strange, but lovely, voice. I turned to my right and there was a group of small men with brightly coloured hair and the cutest eyes I had ever seen! They asked me to dance. I was so happy, I got up and started dancing with them. Mind you, I had no idea who I was dancing with, but I certainly didn’t feel scared anymore.

Then I asked who they all were? They all cheered happily, “We are the Tribe of the Dancing Eckles!”.
“That’s awesome!” I replied.
Oh, then I realised the time. It had been hours since I got here. Mum will be worried! So I said, “Goodbye. I hope to see you again. Where is the door?”
They cheerfully replied, “Across the hill and follow the Purple Plank Path!” they continued, “Farewell our good friend!”

As I stood outside the door, I could hear and feel the howling wind again. It didn’t bother me like before, though. I skipped and danced happily home to my mum.

I wonder if my mum believes me..?

By Evvey.

1/2T Chinese New Year


IMG_0668My dragon looks skinny. My dragon has rainbow legs. His mouth can shoot out ice to make you freeze. Its head has no mouth because it is invisible. When you touch his spikes you die. Ella

My dragon has fire all over his body and is colourful. My dragon has zap in his eyes and he makes people into baby dragons. He can run very fast and he is good at swimming. Amelia W.

My dragon has spikes and his spikes are firey. He has a green tail and blue eyes and they are sparkly. Isla

My dragon has a big and spikey body. It has spikey legs and is a real dragon. Oscar

My dragon is very spikey. He has hypnotising eyes. He lives in the ocean. It is big and long. It uses his tail to swipe and crush things. He shoots poison. Jaxon

My dragon has fire and it has cancer. It is big and long and red. It is alive and has lazer eyes. It is poison and it has hypnotising eyes.Jake


My dragon is long and skinny. My dragon can fly. My dragon shoots fire and lava. Nash

My dragon is fat and strong. My dragon’s eyes can shoot out lasers. My dragon’s spikes can make people go to sleep. Joey

My dragon has a thin body. It can spray ice. On my dragon it has some yellow but it is poisonous. It eyes are blue. Fenella

My dragon is big and colourful. My dragon has eleven legs and a medium head. It has a long tail and it is yellow. It has a yellow body and he has spikey wings. It has blue eyes, blue nose and blue eyebrows. Amelia O

My dragon is colourful and big.He has yellow eyes. He has water on top of his back. He has a big tail and he likes his tail. He has legs and likes his legs. He has a good mouth. Sophie



My dragon is like a snake. It has a small tail. The eyes are big. The head is red. The spikes are blue. The mouth is yellow. Atalina

My dragon is big and beautiful. My dragon has small eyes and his mouth is skinny. It’s fat, really spotty and it is colourful. There is blood on his face and there’s swirls around his face. He has really small legs and he blows out lava. Brianna

My dragon is big and colourful. She has a green curly tail. She eats green grass. My dragon’s eyes are blue. Her eyes sparkle. The dragon has poisonous spikes so the dragon has pearls on top of the spikes. Her teeth are sparkly teeth because she cleans her teeth. Her legs are green. Lexie

My dragon is big and spotty. It has three legs because three men are inside. The dragon has two signs on it. Jessica



IMG_0662My dragon is colourful and big. My dragon’s eyes are green. My dragon’s tail is grey. My dragon’s spikes are rainbow. My dragon’s ears are red and blue. Callie

My dragon is big and spotty. She has a green tail and legs because it likes to eat grass. It has poisonous spikes. It has pearls that spray fire. It likes oranges so she has orange cheeks. It has green eyes to hypnotise. My dragon is colourful. Mia

My dragon is fat and spikey and it is resting. It has legs to walk and it loves to rest on the grass. He has a funny tail and he has eyes too. He has a funny head and has glasses. Connor

My dragon is made of acid. When people sit on him he flies away. It has a five on its side because he has been racing. Ty

My dragon has a long and colourful back. It has a yellow horn on its head and its head is blue. Its spikes are orange. On its spikes it has blue spots. They spit acid. The acid makes people go to sleep. Eleanor


IMG_0661 IMG_0660 IMG_0659 IMG_0658