Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday afternoon, the students at Cardiff North helped our environment by cleaning our playground area. Prior to this members of the Green team came and showed us some videos that explained what rubbish does to our planet. We then went to our assigned areas and did our “Clean Up Australia”. We then went back and had conversations about the types of rubbish that we found.

Thank you Miss Gillard and Tamika F for organising this for us.

Clean Up Australia Day at CNPS

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Friday was Clean UP Australia Day at Cardiff North. Our Green team went into each classroom and delivered a lesson on reduce, reuse and recycle, before heading out with everyone and cleaning up our playground.


A huge thank you to the Green Team and Miss Gillard for organising this.


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Clean Up Australia Day

Our Minister for the Environment helped organise our Clean Up Australia Day effort at school. He distributed maps to each class outlining their area to clean up. 
We all met under the COLA at the end of afternoon tea , put on our gloves and went and cleaned up Cardiff North Public School.
At the end , he congratulated the school on their efforts that day and also for their efforts each day in keeping our environment clean.

Clean Up Australia Day
Clean Up Australia Day












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Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday, 7th March our school held ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ as it had been raining heavily the week before to undertake the task of cleaning our school. Friday was a hot sunny day and we were able to go about the task of cleaning our delegated areas. We were very happy as rubbish was obviously at a minimum as the bags were not even halfway full. Congratulations Cardiff North students for keeping our school environment clean and tidy.