Our ICT Program

With the development of the new curriculum ICT is an integral part of each Key Learning Area. To facilitate this, specific ICT skills must be taught.  Students build ICT skills when targeted skills (needs) based instruction occurs on a Tuesday with Mrs Westwood and then Wednesdays when Mrs Westwood shares with classroom teachers how to integrate technology into their lessons, via classroom visits.

Also our school is an acknowledged leader in the use of  technology, whereby we have been finalists and winners in the WeCreate Awards for the  3 years where the school has been supplied with many and varied technology tools for use with our learners K-6.



We at Cardiff North Public School acknowledge that the opportunities created through the integration of technology is growing daily and that  education is being planned and implemented  will continue to change at a rapid pace.  Cardiff North Public School is well placed to face this future that our students will inherit .
Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive White Board (IWB) .  We also have an iPad assigned to each classroom that can be used by the students and teachers. There are also iPods and beebots used in the K-2 classes to supplement learning. There are 17 netbooks  used across the school .(with great thanks to our wonderful P&C  for supporting us this way.)


Interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, a library of computers can be found in our learning spaces to engage and inspire our students.

Cardiff North Public School is  a completely wireless school which allows the students to take their learning outside the four walls of the classroom. 

There you will also find our School Scope and Sequence for Technology, blogging tips,  Digital Citizenship, Cybersafety and Technology Terms.



Mrs Westwood has made a new Technology blog where you will be able to find out about the technology that is happening with each class on a Tuesday or a Friday. Please come visit to see what your children are doing. Just click on the picture to take you there.



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