Meet the Teacher Evening

On Thursday evening, 16th February, staff will be staying back after school to allow parents and carers time to come to their classroom and be briefed on key elements of their child’s classroom routines, such as homework, behaviour expectations, excursions, equipment, support, etc. Time will be made available for questions. If one or both parents are unable to make it to a session, don’t worry. Each teacher will provide a handout summary of their session and this will be sent home with the children of those parents and carers unable to attend.
Don’t forget, staff is always willing to make an appointment with you to discuss all topics and your child’s progress.
Later in the term, we will again conduct our 3-way interviews, where your child’s academic and social progress can be discussed in a team atmosphere.
Meet the Teacher Meeting Times
5pm-5.30pm: KS, K/1T, 5/6W
5.30pm-6pm: 1/2G, 2/3LH, 3/4K, 4/5PM
Looking forward to seeing as many parents and carers as possible.

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